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YQQ Ready

The Comox Valley Airport is committed to the health and safety of passengers, partners, visitors and employees. YQQ Ready is our program of enhanced policies and procedures designed to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  • YQQ Ready is accredited by the World Travel and Tourism Council's "Safe Travels" stamp, demonstrating a commitment to upholding globally recognized standards for health and hygiene.
  • YQQ Ready means - we are ready to welcome you back. Here are some tips on what to expect at the airport.

What we are doing to be ready

  • Cleaning schedules have been increased, and are aligned between flight schedules throughout the day. Washrooms, touchpoints, airport seating are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.
  • Physical distancing floor decals are in place throughout the terminal, ensuring that we all are reminded to maintain physical distance when possible.
  • Baggage carts are wiped down regularly, and sanitized wipes are available at collection points to permit individuals to wipe down their cart at pick up for added peace of mind.
  • Plexi-glass barriers have been erected at service counters to keep staff and customers safe.
  • All airport employees use face masks in public areas, and in work areas where physical distancing cannot be assured.

What you can do to be ready

  • Ensure you are healthy, have no symptoms of illness, and are not under any quarantine restrictions before any travel.
  • Before you arrive, check-in online, and use a digital mobile boarding pass to limit the number of items you need to touch.
  • Arrive at least two hours early to minimize crowding at check in and security.
  • Download the Honk App, for touchless, fast and convenient pre-payment of parking, or use the hand sanitizing station at the ticket kiosk before and after touching Parking Kiosks or meters.
  • Passengers and anyone entering the terminal, or any Canadian airport, must wear an approved mask. Masks are available for sale at Mid Island Gifts, On the Fly CafĂ© and in vending machines in the terminal. Some masks are no longer permitted including:
    • face covering with exhalation valves or vents
    • Bandanas and neck gaiters
    • militaristic masks, such as gas masks
    • face covering that cover the entire face (balaclavas)
  • Wash your hands. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the airport and refilled regularly.
  • If you're picking up or dropping off passengers, please wait in your vehicle for them, rather than coming into the terminal. Exceptions are made for those helping unaccompanied minors, persons with disabilities or others who need help.
  • Parking meters have been removed from the left hand traffic lane to allow temporary, free stopping, allowing greeters to wait in the comfort of their cars.

Further Information

YQQ Ready - Our partners are ready too! The Comox Valley Airport is part of a larger community, and we depend upon one another to create a safe and secure environment.

Contact your airline

  • We understand that wait times at call centres are high, please be patient. Our staff do not have direct access lines to assist with connecting you to your airline but you may access our carriers websites. All of our airline partners have detailed information on their sites, including the latest news on safety protocols, and in some cases - "chat" windows that provide prompt service.

Car Rentals

  • Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned between every rental. This includes washing, vacuuming, general wipe down and sanitizing with a disinfectant that meets or exceeds health authority requirements.

Café and Gift Store

  • Plexiglass barriers are installed at service counters - use touchless payment when possible.
  • A take out window has been installed outside of the cafĂ©. Pre-orders of Pie on the Fly are welcome, and those purchasing meals may take alcoholic beverages "to go" with their meal. Call 250-890-7509 to pre-order.

Ground Transportation

  • Please adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols specific to your chosen carrier.
For information on where Canadian's may travel visit the Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable site:
  • For information on COVID 19 - Canadian Travel restrictions, exemptions and advise, visit the Canada Public Health. Click Here

Passengers are reminded to stay informed post flight

  • CVAC would like to remind all passengers to monitor for symptoms, or potential exposure to COVID 19, following any international or domestic flights. Airlines will not be contacting passengers that may have had exposure:
  • Effective March 27th, passengers seated near a case of COVID-19 who was recognized after arrival will no longer be directly notified of their potential exposure. Instead, that information is posted online (see below). Where information on affected rows is available, passengers seated in these rows should be considered to be at higher risk of exposure due to their proximity to the case.
  • Please continue to check via this link for fourteen days following any flight.
  • For individuals who need assistance or cannot read the list of public exposures below, please call: 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319).