Flight Info

When to Arrive

When to Arrive Each airline at YQQ has a recommended check-in time that Customer Service Agents must adhere to. YQQ asks all passengers to familiarize themselves with these policies to avoid the disappointment of being turned away from a flight due to late arrival at the airport.

There are many reasons why these policies exist, even at a smaller Vancouver Island airport like YQQ. For example, when a passenger checks in late, it is not just a matter of the passengers themselves making it through security and onto the plane. The luggage must also be screened and loaded onto the aircraft, which can cause further delay. Waiting for even one passenger can sometimes mean the loss of a landing slot at the destination airport. Whether you are flying from Vancouver Island to the Lower Mainland or to a vacation destination, checking in early ensures you won't be disappointed with a missed flight.

Check-in times for YQQ's airlines are as follows:

Air Canada
Recommended check-in time90 minutes before scheduled departure
Check-in deadline45 minutes before scheduled departures

Pacific Coastal
Recommended check-in time60 minutes before scheduled departure
Check-in deadline40 minutes before scheduled departure

Recommended check-in time90 to 120 minutes before scheduled departure
Domestic check-in deadline45 minutes before scheduled departure