About Us

Vision and Mandate

Our Vision

The Comox Valley Airport is the aviation gateway of the North Island.

Our Mission

Provide safe and efficient air service facilities and enable economic development of the Comox Valley.

Our Values

The safety and security of our customers, staff, facilities and environment is a primary concern in all aspects of doing business.

We are motivated by customer expectations in providing quality facilities and services in a customer-sensitive and service-driven manner.

We are accountable for our actions, and we demonstrate integrity in our business relations, utilization of resources, treatment of customers and staff and the general conduct of our business.

Economic Development:
We work to support the economic development of the region.

We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of airport operations and practices are environmentally and financially sustainable.

Our Goals

  1. Expand YQQ's air services.
  2. Provide facilities that meet or exceed customer needs.
  3. Ensure effective internal and external communications.
  4. Maintain a financially viable and competitive operation.
  5. Ensure opportunities for professional development and growth are available to our board members and staff.