Flight Info

Travelling with Pets

The Comox Valley Airport understands that pet owners want the best for their furry friends and so do we. That is why we ask all pet owners review our policy before arriving to the airport.

YQQ Pet Policy

If you are planning to travel with your pet, please contact your airline prior to making a reservation. Policies regarding pets vary widely, so it is important that you make the appropriate arrangements for your furry friend.

Please be aware that all pets at YQQ must be carried in a closed carrier while inside the terminal building. The only exception to this policy applies to training and service dogs or other specially trained pets assisting travelers with disabilities. Please note that due to public health concerns, pets are not allowed in the café area of the terminal building.

If you wish to take your pet out of the carrier prior to boarding your flight, we have designated an area outside the building for your pet to get some fresh air and play time in before the flight. This area is located pre-security, so please allocate plenty of time prior to your flight for outside time.

If you are flying into the Comox Valley Airport with a pet riding in the baggage area of the aircraft, your reunion will be at baggage claim in the Arrivals area. If your pet is flying unaccompanied, you can pick it up at Cargo Services near the Departures section of the terminal. Passengers should contact their airline for more information about travelling with or shipping their pet.