Visit Comox Valley

The Comox Valley

If you are looking for an escape from deadlines, and lengthy ‘to-do’ lists, the Comox Valley may be your ideal spot. With an eclectic cultural mix, including both aboriginal traditions and quaint local country charm, visitors to the area are treated to a welcoming spirit of hospitality and refreshing natural beauty.

Getting To The Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) is located in the Town of Comox. If offers daily non-stop flights from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton with Central Mountain Air, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Air Canada and WestJet.

Comox Valley History and Climate

Located along the eastern coastal region of Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley is one of the fastest growing areas of British Columbia. With a history dating back to 1792 when European explorers made initial contact with First Nations inhabitants, this area continues to exhibit a rich cultural heritage with its arts, crafts, landmarks and festivals.

The weather in the Comox Valley is mild year round, making agriculture in the region bountiful. When planning a trip to the Comox Valley, be sure to include visiting the outdoor farmer's markets to savour some of the locally produced fruits, vegetables, wine, cheese and other products. Restaurateurs and local top chefs also take advantage of seasonal harvests and incorporate them into tasty meals and specialty treats for locals and visitors to the area.

Comox Valley Activities

For those looking to enjoy outdoor adventure, the Comox Valley is abundant with options. Biking, canoeing and kayaking are all popular in the area. Nearby Mount Washington is home to alpine skiing, mountain climbing and year round trail hiking. Diving has also gained popularity and international attention in recent years. If planning to dive while visiting rhw Comox Valley, research local guides and equipment outfitters in advance to ensure availability during your travel time.

Many travel to the area to search for fossils along riverbeds - a great day of discovery and learning! Plan to visit the Paleontology Center or take a heritage tour to really ‘dig deep’ into the history of the incredible area.

The Comox Valley also has many festivals throughout the year to enjoy. With festivals for foodies, kids, music lovers and art collectors - there is something to perk the interest of just about anyone visiting the area.

If you are visiting the Comox Valley with the intent of a relaxing, soul soothing stay - there are many luxurious spa treatment centers and therapies to choose from. The mountain vista views and fresh coastal air, also contribute to a rejuvenating, and refreshing spirit.

Whether your ideal vacation includes relaxation and unwinding, or if you are an adrenaline junky looking for adventure by diving in the ocean or skiing steep and deep - the Comox Valley has all the options you need for a great vacation.

Comox Valley Accommodations

In the Comox Valley, the accommodation options are endless. Some travellers are looking for fresh powder at their doorstep, with ski-in chalets on Mount Washington. For others, a seaside cottage is the perfect retreat. With resort style stays, hotels and even camping - there is a perfect accomodation available for any traveller. Plan to book ahead to ensure your spot is available when you choose to travel!

For a delight to the senses, the Comox Valley is a perfect spot. Entice your palate with local foods and wines, smell the mountain fresh air, fall asleep to the gentle sounds of ocean waves, or touch the earth that has been ‘the land of plenty’ for people and wildlife for thousands of years. The Comox Valley is an unforgettable journey!