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Do you have questions about what items can be packed in your carry-on luggage? Plan ahead by checking out the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority's travel tips before you arrive at the airport.

Security Policy Statement

The Comox Valley Airport Commission is committed to providing a multi-layered risk-based security program that effectively serves its customers, its tenants, and its employees.

As a tenant of 19 Wing Comox, the Comox Valley Airport is a critical security partner of the Royal Canadian Air Force and must also ensure that it protects the assets of the Department of National Defence.

The CEO and management team understand that effective security is integral to the operation of the Comox Valley Airport for its safety and its success. They are responsible for the execution of the Airport Security Program, and accountable for the security performance of the airport.

A robust security system requires the participation of the entire airport community and the Comox Valley Airport Commission is dedicated to achieving this aim. Airport management ensure that all staff are provided with the necessary tools to attain this goal. These include: comprehensive training, a simple reporting process, and actively fostering a continuous improvement culture.

The changing nature of security threats requires a proactive approach that implements appropriate change to maximize airport security performance. The Comox Valley Airport is dedicated to staying ahead of all threats by constantly implementing improvements gained through annual exercises, regular audits, and external intelligence.