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News Release - July 7, 2015

The Comox Valley Airport reminds passengers to show up on time for flights to avoid being left behind

Airline Check in Times The Comox Valley Airport is reminding passengers to adhere to the recommended check-in time established by their airline to avoid the disappointment of being turned away from their flight.

"Unfortunately, some of our airlines have had to deny boarding to passengers who have shown up late for their flights because they feel like the rules don't apply to a small airport like ours," said Comox Valley Airport CEO Fred Bigelow. "This is particularly a challenge for the early morning flights and for those travelling onto transborder destinations, which require the extra step of having an agent review passports at check-in."

Bigelow explained that despite the size of the Vancouver Island airport, a passenger checking in late causes a ripple effect that can delay the departure of an aircraft.

"It is not just a matter of the passengers themselves making it through security and onto the plane. The luggage must also be screened and loaded, which can cause further delay. Waiting for even one passenger can sometimes mean the loss of a landing slot at the destination airport and prevent other passengers from making their connecting flights."

Check-in times for YQQ's airlines are as follows:

Air Canada
Recommended check-in time90 minutes before scheduled departure
Check-in deadline45 minutes before scheduled departures

Central Mountain Air
Recommended check-in time60 minutes before scheduled departure
Check-in deadline45 minutes before scheduled departure

Pacific Coastal
Recommended check-in time45 minutes before scheduled departure
Check-in deadline20 minutes before scheduled departure

Recommended check-in time60 to 90 minutes before scheduled departure
Domestic check-in deadline45 minutes before scheduled departure
Transborder check-in deadline60 minutes before scheduled departure
International check-in deadline60 minutes before scheduled departure

Bigelow advises these policies apply even for those who have checked in online. "If you have a bag to check and you arrive late, you might be lucky enough to get on the plane but your bag could be left behind," he explained.

To prevent unnecessary delays, the airport is recommending that passengers give themselves plenty of time to get to the terminal, including planning for extras such as parking or booking a taxi.

"As our airport is at peak volume through the summer, this is a good time to remind passengers that it is their responsibility to adhere to the policies of the airline they are travelling with," said Bigelow. "The last thing we want is for passengers to be turned away from their flights because they arrive after the cut-off period."

For more information about airline check-in policies at YQQ click here.

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