Business @ YQQ

Economic Impact

Each time a plane lands at YQQ, it generates labour hours for individuals involved in handling passengers, their baggage and the aircraft.

In 2011, the Comox Valley Airport released the results of an economic impact study that demonstrates the extensive benefits to the local economy from potential new air service in the Comox Valley. The study conducted by InterVISTAS Consulting Group, reports on the direct impact a new air service would have on the airport and visitor spending in the Comox Valley.

The study takes the associated benefit of employment, wages, GDP and economic output into account for each of the following scenarios:

  • A once daily year-round domestic air passenger service operated with a 119-seat B737-600 aircraft.
  • A once daily year-round transborder air passenger service operated with a 70-seat Q400 aircraft.
  • A once weekly seasonal international air passenger service to Europe operated with a 250-seat aircraft.
Service Direct Employment
(*Person Years)
Direct Wages
Direct GDP
Direct Economic Output
Domestic Daily Service 257 $7.8 $13.5 $26.4
Transborder Daily Service 122 $4 $6.9 $13.5
International Weekly Service 22 $0.8 $1.4 $2.9

*One person year equals 1,832 hours (the equivalent to a full time employee).