Comox Airport Incident Reporting System

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Thank you for helping to make our airport a safer place.
The Airport Administration will immediately review all reports and take appropriate action.

Use this report template to record all types of incidents or hazards.
Below are some examples of situations you would report here:

Ramp Safety - an accident or hazard on air-side: for example, aircraft movement during passenger loading.

General Safety (OSH) - an accident or hazard in the terminal or on the grounds: for example, a passenger slips and falls.

Security - an incident involving passenger screening or restricted area access: for example, a restricted item found.

Building Maintenance - a hazard or repair required involving airport structures or equipment: for example, a broken door.

First Aid - an incident involving medical care for an employee or passenger: for example, treating a cut hand.

Emergency Response - a major incident involving outside agencies: for example, the Police or an Ambulance.