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  1. What is the real cost of your discount air fare?
  2. More options for YQQ passengers with arrival of Air Canada
  3. Escape winter with WestJet and the Comox Valley Airport
  4. Another successful Air Show for the Comox Valley
  5. YQQ takes part in first ever Canadian Airport Safety Week
  6. Annual Art Exhibition set to launch in November at YQQ

What is the real cost of your discount air fare?

YQQ's new advertising campaign shows how the total cost of travel can add up and why leaving from the mainland is often not the cheapest option - even if the base fare is less.

More options for YQQ passengers with arrival of Air Canada

More options for YQQ passengers with arrival of Air Canada
The new twice-daily, non-stop service from Comox to Vancouver began on May 1 and Air Canada officials were treated to a warm reception on the YQQ ramp from community officials.

Air Canada's arrival means that Northern Vancouver Island residents can start their trip at the Comox Valley Airport and then easily connect to destinations around the world via Vancouver. Translation: you and your bag will be seamlessly checked through to your final destination from the airport in Comox. This means your only responsibility upon arriving to YVR, is to get to the gate on time for your connecting flight. As an added bonus, passengers can earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles on Air Canada flights out of Comox, as well as book vacation packages from YQQ through www.aircanadavacations.com

Air Canada and Central Mountain Air have continued their code-share arrangement, so those travelling on an Air Canada ticket can fly the Vancouver leg of their trip with Central Mountain Air. These additional Central Mountain Air flights provide passengers with ample options to access connecting flights to numerous destinations within the global Air Canada network

For more information about where you can go with Air Canada starting from Comox visit: www.comoxairport.com/aircanada

Escape winter with WestJet and the Comox Valley Airport

Escape winter with WestJet and the Comox Valley Airport
The Comox Valley Airport is pleased to offer non-stop service to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for another winter season. The first Mexico bound passengers will depart YQQ on Saturday, October 31 for sun, fun and sand onboard WestJet. Flights will continue each Saturday until April 30, 2016.

"Last year almost 4,000 guests took advantage of this non-stop service to Mexico," explained Comox Valley Airport CEO, Fred Bigelow. "This is the perfect option for residents who are seeking a quick getaway to somewhere sunny without any travel hassles. In just under five hours after taking off at YQQ, you could be taxiing into the gate at Puerto Vallarta and ready to hit the beach."

For those seeking a different flavour, easy connections to destinations like Varadero, Palm Springs, Phoenix and Las Vegas are also available starting from Comox.

"With the addition of a new early morning WestJet flight to Calgary in January, there are more markets than ever easily accessible from Comox," explained Comox Valley Airport CEO Fred Bigelow.

For more information on Puerto Vallarta and other sunny WestJet destinations available starting from Comox, visit: www.comoxairport.com/escapewinter

Another successful Air Show for the Comox Valley

Another successful Air Show for the Comox Valley
While spectators enjoyed a stunning display at the Comox Air Show, YQQ was pleased to report that flights came and went smoothly throughout the day thanks to the excellent support the airport received from 19 Wing Comox.

"Our partners at the Wing were there to support us every step of the way," said Comox Valley Airport CEO Fred Bigelow "Everyone working at the airport that day was outstanding and really stepped up to the tasks required of them. From 19 Wing, to the airlines to CVAC staff - there was a real commitment throughout this building to work through any obstacles together in order to get passengers to where they needed to go on time."

Passengers received the message to arrive early for their flights and because of excellent cooperation, busses were able to leave as scheduled and guests were loaded efficiently onto planes parked on the other side of the airfield.

"A big thanks to our passengers who were incredibly understanding about the situation and showed up early for their flights with a smile on their faces, determined to enjoy their backstage pass to the Comox Air Show," said Bigelow.

Passenger efforts were rewarded with a front row seat to show, as people watched performers being towed out to the spectator line or even taking off and landing right in front of their aircraft.

"Every flight came and went as it should. The co-ordination with the base went exceptionally well. With a full display going on at the Air Show, our flights were scheduled in with no issues," Bigelow concluded.

YQQ takes part in first ever Canadian Airport Safety Week

YQQ takes part in first ever Canadian Airport Safety Week
The Comox Valley Airport, along with 23 other airports across Canada, kicked-off Canadian Airports Safety Week this summer, a new airport-led initiative to promote healthy and safe work practices among airport employees.

The first program of its kind for the Canadian aviation industry, Canadian Airports Safety Week aimed to deliver safety awareness messages to thousands of airport employees across the country.

YQQ offered daily safety talks and held events for employees throughout the week to address various topics including: hazard reporting, security, safe driving and ramp safety. Highlights included an airport-wide F.O.D (Foreign Object Debris) walk to identify pieces of rubbish and other items that should be removed from the airport ramp. A safe driving competition allowed employees to have some fun and show off their safety skills while operating airside vehicles such as the fuel truck and baggage ramp vehicle.

Airport Facilities Manager, Ash Mohtadi says safety week is just another means to reinforce the safe practices that YQQ employs every day at the airport.

"Passenger safety is and always will be our key responsibility and this topic is discussed daily among the staff, whether addressing safety in the parking lot, watching for hazards in the terminal or de-conflicting passengers and aircraft on the ramp," he explained.

Annual Art Exhibition set to launch in November at YQQ

Annual Art Exhibition set to launch in November at YQQ
The Comox Valley Airport and the Comox Valley Community Arts Council are busy making preparations for this year's annual art expo at YQQ. The theme for 2015/16 is Island Connections and the program will run for six months starting in November.

"There are many types of Vancouver Island connections that will be explored in this exhibition, from those that are natural, genuine and fundamental. When a person, an idea or a thing is brought together, associated or literally connected with something else, it is a connection," explained Dallas Stevenson, Executive Director of the Comox Valley Community Arts Council. "It will be incredibly exciting to see the interpretations on this theme and possible connections to the airport."

The call for entry was issued in June and the successful artists will be announced with the unveiling of the program in November. For more information about the Comox Valley Public Art and Culture Program and the upcoming exhibition click here.

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